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August/September 2009

At the beginning of the summer my husband decided it was time to learn how to do something new to him. He decided to learn how to do 'nothing' - he is usually very busy and even on his day off is busy with jobs for the children or around the house. To this end he bought himself a chair for the garden. He used it well for a little while the day he bought it - and he used it for a few hours when we were away camping in early August - but it is languishing already. 

Trying to get ourselves to do the things we really want can be difficult. Some people have the opposite problem; they find themselves only able to do nothing when they really know they want to be doing something. This can happen at this time of year when children leave home for college or begin school. Some parents struggle to motivate themselves and they need some support. Have a look at the article called "Empty nest" accessed easily through the quick link below.

You may have success at something new that you put your mind to in the new academic year. Why not take a look at the article in the prayer section, " any other name" by clicking in the box below. This will ask you to think about new ways of addressing the Holy Spirit to challenge us in prayer.

What ever God has laid on your heart to be praying for, and doing, this month and in the coming days, may you be blessed in your commitment to it.

Linda Faber.

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